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Artists 4 Freedom

Fine and performing artists use the arts to raise strategic awareness around the issue of human trafficking and challenge citizens to actively involve themselves in being a part of the solution to modern day slavery.


TECH 2020

Technology plays a key role in ending human trafficking: Blockchain, AI, Big data initiatives; leveraging mobile technology for active civil society involvement; innovations in micro-financing for poverty elevation and reducing vulnerability through access to services and financial inclusion.  


LEGAL 2020 

The Nordic laws instituted in 2009 which criminalize buying are a proven measure to reducing demand for trafficked persons when implemented and supported by law enforcement and the legal system. Updating legal frameworks on city, state, national and international levels is essential to ending demand. 


Stop The Traffick ​

A series of public facing activities to draw attention to the issue of human trafficking and the moral imperative for all citizens to work together in their respective areas of expertise to end modern day slavery.  



20 on 20

On the 20th day of every month, a global commitment takes place through the year 2020.  Based on respective spiritual backgrounds, participants spend 20 minutes on the 20th day in prayer and meditation for solutions and an end to modern day slavery.  This is done as individuals, groups and a variety of private, public or digital settings.  



What you do to raise awareness among the public, reduce demand, support justice and legal reform, or support solutions to human trafficking and modern day slavery is a part of the larger final global solution.

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